Coming soon!

  • Beautiful HD graphics
  • Compatible with and optimized for tablets
  • Compatible with desktop and mobile devices running Windows 10
  • Detection of simple deadlocks
  • Game mode easy to learn, hard to master
  • Saving system with multiple save slots to continue playing any level
  • Share the LURD solutions of levels that you have completed and use LURD solutions of levels shared with you
  • Touch a movable box next to the player to move it
  • Touch any reachable area of the level to move automatically to it
  • Undo-redo system to help you on the hardest levels
  • Improve your gaming profile with XX achievements (*)
  • Challenge your friends, beat their scores and become the champion of the leaderboard (*)
  • Video ads are not mandatory, you can get the LURD solution of a level by watching a video ad if you wish (*)
  • (*) Features not available on all platforms